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Ndutah's Gifts is a giftshop that offers an online platform for your amazing brands to connect with customers looking for unique and handmade items. Make your brand visible today!


Listing your products on the platform is an easy step by step process that allows our audience to discover and browse through your inventory. Moreover, we will notify you of any local flea markets that out can sell at.


Eliminate tedious order processing so as to focus on growing your brand effectively beyond sales. This allows you to reach more clients with consistent professionalism.



Beyond sales, connecting with business who understand your unique model as well as products consequently improves your skills, understanding and market share as a whole.

Some of the brands working with us

"We mostly enjoy selling at events but an online presence helps us showcase our products consistently to the right audience"
Vicky Wanjiku
Malkia Arts
" I've prided myself in self-image and looking good. This is exactly what our brand offers, this platform enables us to spread our message further."
Martin Mwangi
Elegante Gents

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