It’s a common misconception that gifting men is equal to rocket science. However, we should remember they are also human and thus a thoughtful gesture such as gifting will always count. Men are actually quite sentimental so align this with something they genuinely love or enjoy and they will forever be grateful.


A common gift item but it’s important to find out their taste. Do they prefer leather to metallic? Or the most basic, do they already own one? You can also choose to engrave a special message or the date of the occasion the gift celebrates.



Men may not be fans of neck jewellery so this would be a simple alternative.

You can opt for a single strand of bead work( plain or with bold details such as bone).

You can also opt for identical engraved brass pieces that embody a special date or a simple message to encourage him even in your absence. This can be ideal for a mother to a son.



Does he have a sweet tooth? They come in a dozen or 1kg….cake! You can opt to gift him with cupcakes, glazed doughnuts, croissants or cake. These are available on our shop as well here. We also have a gluten-free option on request.


Sometimes gifts can be practical items such as clothing that will leave him feeling and looking sharp for all his engagements. We have  happy socks available.Colorful patterns to lift any gloomy day’s activities. Either polka dot, stripped or cartoon inspired. Tailored suits are also a unique option you can look into. Not many people have a well-fitting suit in their wardrobe and this gift could double up into an investment for special occasions such as wedding or networking events where presentation and demeanor is everything.

Grooming kit

We believe deep down men would also like to be surprised with a self-care package at the workplace. Their items may not be as expensive as the feminine products but we did a bit of research and found this amazing brands you could shop from and get a bargain for a well-curated package to grant him confidence and bring more sway to his swagger. Mandevu is Kenya’s premier beard care line, their products just ooze

Mandevu care set

with an aura of ruggedness and gentleman swag. Wouldn’t you agree?





An array of Marini products

Marini Naturals recently rebranded to cater to men as well.

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