This park may be overlooked by several bloggers when listing places in Nairobi to visit, but this slice of heaven is the breathe of fresh air you need when your day is turning to murk. We love this venue and hope you will to, come April 21st . Here are a few random facts about August 7th Memorial Park:

Access to free wifi

I know some of you rolled your eyes but yes they do have steady wifi which allows students from the nearby campuses to study. So no need to stress your bundles come the D-day, we’ll help you stay live pretty much most of the day!


It’s amazing how well maintained it is! Moreso the fountain right in the middle creates a peaceful ambience.┬áSignificantly, the busy city life around the park walls doesn’t interfere with this.



Historic significance

August 7th Memorial Park reminds us of a sad moment in history when Kenya’s identity

was attacked but we stood strong. It’s a park etched with

resilience and persistence. People’s will to set aside their differences and rebuild what they’ve lost. The plaque with names of all those who lost their lives that day will be an eternal reminder.


The park boosts its own security service: well-trained but friendly. It has only two admission points that are monitored both by the guards and CCTV, so yes you are in safe hands!






Excited for the batch that have already purchased the tickets. Our deadline for advance tickets was yesterday and henceforth we’ll be selling regular tickets at Ksh 300. You can buy one using this link

Stay tuned for more!

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