We’ve been silently planning for next month’s event, but you can agree with me it’s now time to get into the hype!

We are excited to have Coveratti on board. Who is Coveratti, you ask? Coveratti is a collection of Kenyan cover artists singing from the heart. The group was co-founded by Stacy Osanjo and they have a lit jam session planned out throughout the event featuring but not limited to:


Phyll- Beautiful Strong Powerful

Dilta Powerful elegance ready to bring Nairobi’s music scene to a standstill


Muthaka is an upcoming artist exploring different genres such as Soul,Reggae and RnB. She is currently in her second term at Sauti Academy and wants to make music for the mind,body and spirit

Makenzi An alternative musician with a passion for true artistic expression in any form, particularly music and photography; a lover (and creator) of memes, food, animals, comic book movies and intellectual discussions.










Garstone Kamau preferably Kamarley.Studies at the Kenya Conservatoire of music. A singer and a guitarist as well. Does Soul, Jazz and Reggae.

Osanjo is a free spirit who sings whatever gets to her heart and can’t escape her mind. Big on improvisation and singing with eyes closed she is comfortable with any genre.











We are super psyked to have them on board. Remember the #NCF18 will not just be fun but also about getting creative and finally exploring your imagination. Follow our social media handles for all updates. We’ll be featuring vendors not just in merchandise but also a photobooth, body art, African food lineup, and cocktails to get the buzz going come 21st. Stay tuned.

Click here to purchase an advance ticket and here for a chance to vend!


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