It’s basically a month to the #NCF18 and we can’t keep calm. As we hurdle the jigsaw pieces together, we love are loving the view thus far.

  • Not a flea market

By definition a flea market is an open air market of sort where every Tom, Dick and Harry is selling most probably second hand items, or items they bought and never used (Antiques). We coined it Craft Fair because we believe we

can bring together brands that have one thing in common…Originality. We will have live mixing as well as live jam sessions from Coveratti. Food and drinks will be on sale as well.

  • Amazing merchandise

This brings us to the second significant factor. We’ve relied on foreign brands too long. We need to get to a place of pride. Most handmade items in Kenya may be steep in price but when you take into account the time and work put into a single item, it’s worth every penny. Why is it that tourists are more excited to purchase an original piece than we are? Why support Gucci and YSL while we have amazing upcoming designers in Kenya? We’ll have vendors in crotchet wear, decor items, jewellery, painting…you name it we’ve got it.

  • Craft table

Among the activities will be a craft table or corner, where artists can exchange tricks and hacks as well as teach attendees their line of work. This will help attendees appreciate artefacts they purchase even more, don’t you think? Plus this will be the creatives’ haven for all those DIY bloopers, you can finally learn something from the experts!

  • Vision


The Craft Fair is but one of Ndutah’s Gifts milestones in promoting a #DIY culture

and granting the audience that are intent on thoughtful gifts to actually access brands that give priority to personalisation. We hope this event will grant us a space to interact with many of our past, present and future clientele.




  • Ticket proceeds

The Early bird tickets were on sale at Ksh 200 but now advance tickets are on sale at Ksh 250 till the 31st of March. After which we will be selling regular tickets at Ksh 300. The proceeds of course go to the event expenses such as venue, decor and entertainment.

Why are we telling you all this? Well because it’s important to point out that the event is about us coming together and appreciating what’s ours!

Have you bought your ticket yet? Do so here!

Stay tuned to see who’s vending, what new activities we have planned and any partner alerts.


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