Its midweek already…#WoodyWednesday is all about wood works made delicately to suit your African taste.


Our current partner in wood works,their tagline; boldly crafted. With limitless imagination and a variety of wood, this brand breathes life into their work. Their product line varies from dining to cocktail tables, wall art, wooden clocks, lampshades, TV consoles and even shelf units. You can shop all this on our shop here.

The Green room

A brand based in Tanzania that specializes in furniture as well as other amazing pieces stocked and sold as gifts. They re-purpose parts from old furniture to make new units. Indeed handmade is more heartfelt. We love how their designs are simple but stand out. Check their items here.

Love Artisan

This unique brand specializes in furniture and accompaniments. Needless to say we are in love with their line of cocktail chairs. Check them out here.


Do you know more brands in this industry? Mention them below for the next feature.

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