Getting a unique quality product from thrifting gives the best feeling in the world, doesn’t it? Thrifty Thursday features brands where you can find beautiful and one of a kind products for yourself and your loved ones while getting value for your money


This is a brand that ensures that you stay stylish while you protect your eyes. We cannot help but fall in love with their sunnies which are really affordable too. Check them out here


HappyWear Kenya


This is one of our partners who have broken the monotony in the footwear department. Why wear socks that are bland and boring. Needless to say that we like that our feet can now be chic and trendy thanks to them. You can buy their products through our shop here.


This brand focuses on customized gifts. Their customized mugs took our breath away.They input special messages on mugs, notebooks, badges and wristbands to ensure you let your loved ones just how special they are. Check them out here.

Samo _Designs

Have you wanted to send somebody a card but all you can find are generic ones that don’t quite convey the message you’d like? Well, look no further. Samo _designs is  a brand that customizes cards for those special occasions; birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day etc. or when you just want to appreciate someone in your life. You can find their products here


This is an artistic brand  and one of our partners that expresses art not only through paintings but unique wood-art and fabric. We are awed by the beauty and skill in their work. Buy their products through this link.

Amandas Fashion

This brand offers handmade outfits specializing mostly in incorporating African print into their work. So get in touch with your inner designer , hit them up and watch them bring your outfit to life. Their products can be found here.

Ndutahs Gifts

Last but not least we have ourselves. We are a brand that has partnered with various highly talented individuals to make sure that we bring variety and unique products and gifts to our clients. We firmly believe that handmade is really more heartfelt.  It is in this spirit that we are holding a crafts fair this Saturday , 18th Nov,at the Bomblast Memorial Park. Advance tickets can be purchased here.

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